Padam Kahando Ra Sapan

Posted on: January 24, 2012

Padam Kahando Ra Sapan


4 Responses to "Padam Kahando Ra Sapan"

bhal laagba sure.jaldi bahar karun.ethara samalpur pustak mela na sambalpuri/koshli stall te khula hei thila. aamar bhaasar bahi maankar bahut demand thila. jaani kari khusi laagla.

wonderful…..An unique piece in Kosli sahitya era.

I am glad that Sundargarh group has shown a special intrastate to develop the local language and culture.I was a student at Sundargarh right from my seventh class to B.Sc, staying in Hostel from 1956 to 1965.Many boy-hood friends and relative stay at Sundargarh.After retirement from service as an Engineer.I have build my business and own house at Rajgangpur.Minimum 2 times in a year I visit Sundargarh.Morning walk I enjoy and a meditation at OM SHANTI .

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